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Unions Urge Virginia Politicians to Protect Social Security

Posted on Nov 27, 2012

Shortly after the results of the 2012 presidential election were announced, the political ads ceased and in place of those commercials came news of a fiscal cliff looming. Now, politicians are trying to come to an agreement before January 2013 of how to stop automatic changes in tax rates and federal spending that both political parties find unappealing.

One of the entitlement programs in jeopardy of being cut is Social Security. Virginia state representatives and other politicians around the nation are now being urged by unions to help protect this program.

Democrats have said that in order to help reduce the national deficit, taxes must be raised. Republicans on the other hand are looking to reduce spending on programs, such as Social Security in Virginia and other states.

Labor unions and other organizations have begun to rally the public. Their goal: to gain enough support from residents in Virginia, Colorado, Mississippi, and other states to pressure politicians and to protect Social Security, Medicare, and other entitlement programs. Organized labor has long been known to support the Democratic agenda. But now, some labor unions are asking to keep the Bush-era tax cuts to help protect those who make under $250,000 annually.

Another organization getting involved is the AARP. This association—best known for their support of the aging population—has asked politicians on Capitol Hill to reconsider making decisions with such long-term consequences too hastily.

Virginia residents have long had trouble getting the benefits they need from the government. With the upcoming changes—no matter which way those changes go—Virginians can be assured our team will be available to help residents understand the way the Social Security disability system works so that they may receive the support they need to live well.

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