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I applied at the Manassas , Alexandria or Fredericksburg Social Security office or on line, what type of benefits can I receive?


There are two main Social Security disability programs available for the disabled. Once you apply in the Manassas,  Alexandria or Fredericksburg Social Security office or file your claim on line you may be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income.  


  • Disability Insurance Benefits. This is the most common type of adult disability benefit sought from Social Security. Disability insurance covers people who have been disabled due to a number of circumstances. In order to get these benefits you have to had paid social security taxes for 20 of the last 40 quarters before you became disabled.  In general what that means is that you have worked within the five years before you became disabled.  The process for receiving these benefits is not as simple as one would hope. For assistance filing this paperwork, it is very helpful to have a Social Security lawyer helping.
  • Supplemental Security Income. This is another common form of Social Security benefit paid out and helps cover people who are disabled and are unable to work. This can be paid out even if the person has never worked.

All of these types of  Social Security claims are complex. For help understanding what documentation you need to provide to be successful in your claim, call 703-491-2233 to contact our offices today.