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Five Ways to Know If You Are Eligible for Social Security in Manassas

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Finding out that you have a condition that will leave you permanently disabled is some of the most devastating news a person can receive. Everything that you once knew to be easy and natural becomes more difficult. Suddenly you are in need of help from the system that you have been paying into throughout your professional life.

But not everyone is able to receive Social Security benefits in Manassas. In fact, the approval process is very stringent. Being denied benefits up front is not uncommon.

Here are a few things that the Manassas and Alexandria disability offices look for to determine whether you qualify for benefits:

  • If you are working, how much are you currently earning? If you are able to work, you may still be eligible for benefits. This is usually determined by the amount of money you are making. If you make more than what Social Security can provide, you may not be eligible.
  • How severe is your disability? The severity of your condition is taken into account when determining whether or not you are eligible for benefits. The general rule is that your disability must be severe enough to last more than a year… potentially to the end of your life.
  • Is your condition listed as an official disability? The Manassas Social Security office has a list of disabilities that they consider legitimate grounds for disability benefits. However, just because your condition is on that list does not mean you are guaranteed benefits.
  • Are you able to do the work you did previously? The disability office may want to know if you are able to do any of the work you performed previously. This could go back as far as the work you did 15 years ago.
  • Is there any other type of work you could perform? Social Security offices also consider your transferable skills. If you work in construction and are familiar with the administrative processes, you may be denied benefits because Social Security may believe that you can still perform administrative duties.

The answers to these questions can make or break your case. Contact our team of Social Security disability lawyers in Manassas for help. You can reach us at 703-491-2233. Let us assist you to fill out your paperwork so that you can be truthful and still have a better chance at getting benefits.

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