When you have been hurt at work in Prince William County, a lot of questions will run through your mind. First and foremost, you need to seek medical attention for your injuries. Next, you will need to seek benefits from your employer to cover your costs.

There are five main benefits that are available to you after you experience a work injury in Virginia. These benefit categories are broad, and in order to be awarded a just amount to cover your injury there is a lot of factors that go into each one. Here are the five benefits you can consider filing a claim for in your Virginia workers’ compensation case:

  1. Lost Wage Replacement. Nearly everybody who has been hurt at work in Manassas or other parts of Virginia ends up needing to take off work for longer than the “sick time” provided by their employers. Clearly, you need a source of income when you cannot work. In these cases, you may have the right to workers’ comp benefits to help cover a portion of your lost wages.
  2. Permanent Partial Impairment. Permanent disabilities do not always mean that you will be completely unable to work as you used to. However, you may still have a partial impairment that can stop you from doing your job or future jobs at the capacity expected by your employer. This is permanent partial impairment and you may be eligible to receive benefits to help compensate your lost earning potential.
  3. Total Permanent Disability. In more severe situations, your doctors may determine that you have a permanent disability that will put you out of your line of work forever. Getting permanent disability covered is a complicated and lengthy process. To get fair benefits, you can rely on the help of your Prince William County workers’ compensation lawyer.
  4. Extraordinary Disability Expenses.  Your situation may require you to make adjustments to your way of life away from a work setting, such as alterations to make your home more disability-friendly, or a new car to help you drive with your disability. The extraordinary needs caused by some workplace injuries are sometimes covered within your Virginia workers’ compensation benefits.
  5. Death Benefits. If your close family member was fatally injured at work, your family may be eligible to recover death benefits. This can give you monetary benefits to help you cover costs following the unexpected and sudden tragedy.

If you believe you are a candidate for any of these benefits, having a Prince William County workers’ compensation attorney to help you navigate the red tape and strict policies will help. Contact our offices at 703-491-2233 for a free consultation or to get more information on what you need to do to receive any of these benefits.